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Ótimo aplicativo, vale o investimento

Muito bom

The Best

almost perfect

This is definitely the best solution for a DVD/Blu-ray collection, I wish something similar was available for CDs. It would be even better if there were more search criteria, e.g. "find all movies by a certain director or with a certain actor".

Fantastic Movie Library App!

Easy to use and update. A convenient app that helps me keep track of my movie collection. Kudos to the creators!

Trailer not working

Great app, BUT the trailers NOT WORKING! FIX IT please.

Its okay...

I like the fact that I can add most of the movies I own... I say most because every time I try to add all the movies I dont have, it keeps dropping around 100-125 movie titles. Its a bit annoying actually...

Best catalogue app!

So easy to use! Best catalogue app Ive used and Ive tried many

Love it !!!

Love this apps been using it for a few years now and its easy to use and really convenient to keep track of what i have in my library !!

Very satisfied customer

Used other apps in the past , none compare to this app. Excellent


Great App. Support is the best! Highly recommend it.


Always with me on my iPhone, this app prevent me from buying the same movie once again. Thanks


I love everything about this app but I cannot login from a laptop to review my collection. The only option I have is to email my collection list to my self.


Enjoy the app


This app is so freakin awesome!!! Its my new favorite app! Keeps all my movies organized and available just what I needed! Great for collectors like myself!

Works really well

Works much better than I expected

Worth the money


Great Movie Collection App

Great app for cataloging movies. Does everything I need, and want, and then some. Highly recommend this app.

Great Movie collection app

Take my word for it, this is a really great way to keep your collection in tact, with such great features as "watched" "loaned out" etc. Im glad were in the era of smart phones and apps, because back in 1997 I had a Lan Support guy build an application that just let me input titles of my movies but that was so basic. This app is ten thousand times better than what I had back then. This app lets you input DVDs, and blurays and supposedly Laserdiscs, but I have yet to figure that out. Anyway, do yourself a favor, buy this app, you wont regret it.


This app for cataloging my DVDs/blu-rays is by far the best one available that I have found. Just scan the UPC and add it to the collection. So easy to use!

So worth the $$

OMG! This App is awesome. I knew there had to be a way to catalog all of our movies by scanning the barcode with my phone and this App does it. And if you cant get to the barcode, you can search the title and add from there. Its $7.99 and worth it. Now if we want to watch an older movie, I can look in the collection first.

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